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What makes doja weed packs so good?

Doja is an exotic cannabis brand similar to brands such as Cookies and Trufflez. Though a young brand they’ve made a name for always producing high quality weed.

Doja weed dispensary is the official home of doja packs. We believe in providing our consumers with the best quality exotic weed at the best prices. We took a long time to come up with the perfect cultivation plan for cannabis of the high quality.

All those who have tasted doja weed before can attest to the quality of our weed and the long lasting and thoroughly enjoyable high.

About Doja dispensary

Why Doja Online Store

Doja is more than an exotic cannabis brand. It is a lifestyle. We don’t only produce doja paks, resin and more. We also produce top quality doja merch such as hoodies, t-shirts, shirts and much more

Similar to other exotic cannabis brands like Cookies, Trufflez and many more than are also known for their high quality merch. Doja is not left out. We have partnered with many celebrities here in the U.S to come up with Top quality exotic cannabis and merchandise to match.

Introduction To Doja Weed


Doja Paks are mylar bags containing 3.5g of doja weed. Doja dispensary has worked very hard to come up with many different flavors for doja weed such as: 

  • Doja Exclusive | Karmas Headstash
  • Doja Exclusive | Mochi
  • Doja Exclusive | RS11
  • Doja Exclusive | Gushers 

There are many more doja weed flavors which can be found in our shop




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