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Buy FTW strain at the best DOja Dispensary Online .

FTW strain for sale online at the best prices . This exotic strain is also commonly known as the Fruity Widow strain by 710 Genetics combined the flavorful black cherry gelato  and White Widow. This exotic strain is developed by the doja family in Los angels California. A good strain for boosting creativity uplifting moods and promoting giggles. It should how ever be noted that Inexperienced users should be mindful of the higher THC content to avoid paranoia or heavy couch lock effect. Buy fruity widow strain online today now and be satisfied with the amazing experience.

Fruity Widow Strain Effect And Attributes

Endeavor to contact your doctor before using the FWT strain . this cannabis strain is very instrumental for medical for medical purposes. Our crowdsourced strain data is not meant to constitute professional medical advice.

The FWT strain flowers into small, dense buds marked by dark green and purple foliage with bright orange pistils. The striking trichome coverage of this exotic weed gives it top shelf appeal. Also added to this its incredible aroma, flavor, and balanced effects –l, the FWT strain got the looks too! While you may dismiss its tiny popcorn buds at first glance, the nugs of these doja strain are sticky to the touch and perfect for just about anyone looking for intense medical relief from pain, stress, or sleepless nights.

Flavor and Aroma of the FTW Strain

This doja exotic strain tastes like sweet cookies with undertones of diesel, giving you an enjoyable experience that’s great for both mind and body. Buy fruity widow strain at the best doja dispensary online . The aroma is earthy and herbal, mixed with fruits, while the taste has hints of sweetness from start to finish. When you exhale the smoke, it smells like a vanilla herbal mix, which gives this bud its distinct cookie smell. For those who are looking for something earthy with a balance of sweetness, FWT flavor profile is sure to please. Buy the FWT strain online today for a premium experience

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