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Doja Exclusive Gelonade Strain

Buy Gelonade strain online by doja. This is a brand new strain developed buy the doja cannabis family in Los Angels California. This strain is very similar in attributes to London pound cake developed by the cookies family . . It is a delicious cookie-like, lemon-drenched strain that Taste Budz Seeds grew from a tasty combination of Gelato #41 and Lemon Tree (also called, “Lemon Tree Kush”). Gelonade’s strain high sits like a heavy lump in the middle of your skull, where it can do the most work opening your eyes and arousing your motivation (among other things). Gelonade uses deliciousness (and about 30%THC) to help you feel lifted, happy, and ready to go.

Growing information on the Gelonade Strain

You might expect the lovechild of two infamously delicious strains to be difficult to grow, but thankfully, Gelonade is a little easier on beginners than some other strains. It’s more about the preparation of the growing area with this strain than the growing itself, making sure the lighting, soil mixture, and nutrients are perfect for the type you buy. Buy Gelonade strain at the best doja dispensary in the United States. The strain’s yields vary depending on the unique genetics of your batch but expect around 600g of weed per plant. When it grows, Gelonade sprouts in dense, thick nugs, coated in purple-tinged trichomes and orange pistils

 Medical benefits of the Gelonade Weed

Firstly Linalool gives the strain the smell of flowers and the ability to treat anxiety and depression. Users of strains like Starfighter will know what to expect from Gelonade. Ocimene brings in the sweet, fruity tastes and is the reason that Gelonade gives you energy. Again Caryophyllene is that spicy taste on the exhale of many strains and imparts an anti-inflammatory component to Gelonade’s profile. Finally, Limonene is the source of the citrus and can also aid in reducing symptoms of depression.

This combination gives this exotic doja strain an amazing ability to fight anxiety, pain, fatigue, and stress. The flavor will open your eyes and give you feelings of euphoria and energy. Buy doja strains online at cheap affordable prices , You’ll be lifted and happy, potentially even aroused. On the exhale of this exotic weed you’ll be enjoying sour lemon cookies with hints of vanilla. On the inhale, you’ll be tingling and happy.

While the THC level is a bit high in this Indica-dominant (70/30) strain, the taste alone makes it recommendable to novice users who want something intense but don’t want to deal with the spicy hash flavors of many strains. Users are advised not to consume this strain at night as it will have you restlessly wanting to get something done rather than go off to sleep. If you can handle the euphoric energy, and even arousal, Gelonade could be the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.



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