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GM3 Strain online at doja. This is a new strain developed buy the doja cannabis family in Los Angels California. GM3 Strain, wielding a somewhat mysterious genetic lineage against the stresses of your broken brain. Divine Genetics created this Strain and locked its sights on experience users.


This strain effect can be great for treating pain conditions(it can even reduce inflammations). Anxiety and nausea are no match for gm3 strain. Even minor eating disorder can be dispelled on a steady diet of the strain. so long as you can handle the spicy cocktail flavors and verging on maddening THC level.

Aroma Of GM3 

Instantly the room filled as the bag opened, at first smell i get a very sweet, sour and spicy purfume like gas that sticks to your nostrils. There is so much going on in the bag that its really hard to pinpoint each musk that I receive.

Effects OF The GM3 

It was right about when I hit the half way point that I could feel the buzz begin to start in my lower back and slowly creep up and begin to relax every muscle in my body, around 3/4 of the jay the stone was beginning to set

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OZ(28grams), QP(114grams), HP(228grams), P(454grams)


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