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Doja Exclusive Gushers Strain

Buy the exotic doja  exlusive gushers strain  from the best doja dispensary in the united states 2022 . with a gushing fruit flavor and an explosive amount of THC earned this hybrid strain its name. Gushers weed  is from the Cookies family, the legendary California growers behind GSC and Thin Mint. A relatively new strain, it was first cultivated only in the 2010s. While potency can vary between 19-29%, the flavor and aroma profile of berries, sour tropical fruit and sweet cookies stay consistent.

This exotic weed strain was developed by the Cookies Fam in California by crossing Triangle Kush with Gelato #41. Both parent strains are classics in the cannabis world. Gelato #41 is a descendant of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies, linking Gushers to the Sherbinski-grown Sherbert lineage and Cookies Fam. Also Gushers weed  inherited its potency from Gelato #41, and it is a beefed-up lineage, while Triangle Kush lent its social, uplifting high.

2022 Updated Effects Of The Doja Exclusive Gushers Strain

Unlike most hybrids, the Gusher’s physical body high hits before the mind high. Users report feeling a tingle move through their body as they feel their muscles unwind. After a few minutes, some experience arousal. The mind high slams you with a wave of euphoria, further compelling some to seek out their partners or social situations. Even at the peak of the high, you’re unlikely to feel tired, just totally at ease and “vibing” with friends or lovers. , Finally as the high tapers off, users report feeling a massive case of the munchie.

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