Doja Exclusive | RS11 Strain


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Doja Exclusive RS11 Strain

For an ideal dispensary to buy the RS11 Strain our doja dispensary is just the best . The RS11 strain is trending doja pack strain with rapid sales in the market buy today at cheap prices from the top best suppliers. As soon as I cracked open the bag and poured it onto my tray my eyes feast upon a grouping of medium to large nugs that were of a rocky boulder like structure, the tones shifted back and forth between a mint green to forest green and had a beautiful array of orange pistils strung around the flower like lights around a christmas tree, a layer of trichs is present on the outer layer of the plant and shined nicely but when you cracked the bud open the sugary suprise that awaited me inside was like a thousand diamonds shining off the rays of the sun and I am so ready to smoke roll this joint up. Buy the rs11 strain online today.

Aroma Of The RS11 StrainĀ 

Instantly the room filled as the bag opened. At first smell i get a very sweet, sour and spicy purfume like gas that sticks to your nostrils. There is so much going on in the bag that its really hard to pinpoint each musk that I receive.


On the dry pull of the Joint I get a sweet and sour taste that was very similar to a meringue dessert of some sort. I light up and close my eyes and really take in the first puff. Smacking my lips together as this creamy smooth earthy sweetness fills my mouth .

Effects OF The RS11 Strain

It was right about when I hit the half way point that I could feel the buzz. Begin to start in my lower back and slowly creep up and begin to relax every muscle in my body. Around 3/4 of the jay the stone was beginning to set into my head as well as I was released from any stress that I had.

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4 packs, OZ (28grams), QP (114grams), HP (228grams), P (454grams)


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