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Znackz Strain For Sale

Znackz was created by the geniuses over at Archive Seed Bank in Portland. They are responsible for creating many of the world’s most popular strains, like Do-Si-Dos, Moonbow, and Rainbow Belts. Plenty of your favorite brands source their strains/clones/seeds from Archive Seed Bank, so you’ve probably been smoking their work without even knowing it. znacks is an indica-dominant cross of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG, two Kush-forward slappers that can floor even the most experienced cannabis consumers (see The Bluntness guide on ‘greening out’ if you ever do get too high).Znackz strain for sale

Aroma and Taste of Znackz Strain

Znacks has heavy OG Kush genetics, and the way the strain smells and tastes definitely reflects that. It has a mix of piney, citrus, gassy, and earthy notes to it. Its breeder says it smells like “butter cookies.” On the taste, it will come with that piney and gassy vibe that lets you know that Original Kush is definitely part of Znacks’ ancestry. All of these aromas and flavors come from a terpene profile that is dominant in limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene.

Effect of Znackz Strain

Personally speaking, Znacks is super potent, man. It is one of those strains that people who smoke every day reach for because we know it will provide the level of euphoria that we’re looking for. When consuming the strain, you should begin to feel a heavy stimulation in the head that will slowly engulf your whole body in a THC-induced comfort blanket. In the end.

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OZ(28grams), QP(114grams), HP(228grams), P(454grams)


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