Gelato 41 strain



                Gelato 41 Strain                                                                                                                                                                          Appearance                                                                                                                      The bag was filled with dark green dense popcorn nugs. There are orange hairs in patches all over these beautiful sugar coated buds.The hairs reminded me of continents on a globe. Once  open the frosty trichomes fell off onto my tray as I was pulling it apart . The bud was a much more light green color on the inside. This batch was well manicured and hand trimmed.                                                                                                                         Taste                                                                                                                                   Decided to do bong hits as well on this review. The smoke was very light on the inhale as if i took a hit of air. I got a slight hashy taste as it went down to my lungs. On the exhale I tasted a creamy smooth gas taste that filled my mouth and I smiled in satifaction . The taste on the exhale is exactly as it smells.?                                                                                                          Smell                                                          As soon as the bag was opened it stenched the room up of gas mixed with a cat piss smell, upon breaking it open the scents fill your nose with smells of gas with slight undertones of fruit and finishes off with a smooth sugary yet musty stench that lingers inside your nostrils.                                                                                                                         Effects                                                         It took 2 bong hits before I began to feel a slight airhead feeling.I sat for a few and could feel it slightly creep up and make my shoulders relax.  My mind slowly began to race . It was quite a nice even keel stone.I was relaxed slightly tired .But I was ready to rock at the same time.I took one more and immediatley after I exhaled I felt a warm sensation go from my neck. I did feel good but I expected to be completly lit after 3 rips. I do recommend this strain but it fell a little short for my taste


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